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Lee Hyun-woo's MLB+] 7 Observation Points for the 2018 World Series

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The 2018 Major League World Series will soon begin.

The two teams that will face off for the World Series championship this year are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox. The Dodgers and Boston are considered one of the most prestigious teams representing the National League and the American League, but it is the first time in 102 years that the two teams will play in the World Series since 1916.

Boston advanced to the postseason after clinching its title in the eastern part of the AL by winning 108 wins and 54 losses in the 2018 regular season. In the American League Division Series (ALDS), he beat the New York Yankees 3-1 and the Houston Astros 4-1 in the American League Championship series.

On the other hand, the Dodgers barely won the NL West by defeating the Colorado Rockies in the 163rd game (Tai Breaker) since they were not even ranked in 162 games. The team was able to beat the Atlanta Braves 3-1 at the NLDS, but advanced to the World Series after a close game with the Milwaukee Brewers until Game 7.
However, whether the World Series is first made or not depends on whether it will win or not. As evidence, no team has won the World Series for nine years since the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies. Of course, it is not the right interpretation to say that a team that came in after the result is more advantageous. What this data tells us is that we cannot be too early to predict who will win until the World Series is over.

So, what are some things to notice 메이저사이트 in the 2018 Major League World Series? 
The Dodgers is a prestigious team that has won National League titles 23 times. It is the most National League title with the rival San Francisco Giants. However, winning the World Series was 30 years ago in 1988. This is in contrast to San Francisco and the St. Louis Cardinals, which are also called the top three teams in the National League along with the Dodgers, won three and two championships in the 2000s alone. This is why Dodgers fans desperately want to win this year's World Series.

Boston, on the other hand, was a strong team that dominated the early American League, but was unable to win the World Series for 85 years since 1918. However, by winning the World Series three times in the 2000s alone, he succeeded in regaining his past reputation. If Boston wins the World Series again in 2018, it will be the only team to have won four times in 2000. The World Series is an opportunity for Boston to become one of the most prestigious teams in the 2000s.
Clayton Kershaw and Chris Seale, the two teams' first starter, are left-handed ace players representing the NL and AL, respectively. From the 2012 season to the end of this year, Kershaw recorded 106 wins, 41 losses, 1380.0 innings with 2.14 WAR 43.8 wins, 99 wins, 59 losses, and 40 wins with 1388.0 innings. Both players' WARs (involvement vs. substitute) 43.8 wins and 40.1 wins ranked first and second among left-handed pitchers who played during the same period. 

Unfortunately, however, neither player is in top condition. Kershaw has recorded the lowest fastball average since his debut with 90.9 miles (146.3 km/h), and sales have also decreased significantly since his shoulder injury this season. Even after pitching in the first round of ALCS, the sale was closed in the fifth round due to stomachache, and Kershaw was responsible for the final inning of the game against NLCS on the 21st.

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