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เปิดเพจ249,777 Forecast: "Dazers Goes Before Boston"

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Jang Hyun-koo, a reporter for the Major League Baseball, predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers' dominance in the World Series.

The MLB columnist Anthony Castovins predicted that the Dodgers will win the championship trophy in Game 7 after comparing the position of the Boston Red Sox against the Dodgers, which is competing in the World Series on Tuesday (Korea time).

He said the Dodgers outperformed Boston in seven of the 11 positions, including starting pitchers and bullpen pitchers.

The Castravins wrote, "The Dodgers' starting team, consisting of Clayton Kershaw, Ryu Hyun-jin, Walker Boomer, and Rich Hill, scored a better ERA than their Boston counterparts in the regular and post seasons."

The four starting pitchers of the Dodgers have joined hands with 2.82, the post-season ERA of 3.86.

Boston's starting team consisting of Chris Sale, David Price, Nathan Ivaldi, and Rick Fossello scored 3.48 ERA in the regular league and 3.92 ERA in the postseason.

MLB concluded that the Dodgers and Boston had selected a starting pitcher as bullpen in the postseason, followed by a back injury on sale, and a pitcher on a rookie, in terms of records.

In addition, the Dodgers' bullpen had an amazing record of 1.30 ERA during the post season's 412⁄3 innings, which is superior to Boston's.

Boston Bullfen's average earned run average of 3.62 in the fall. Finisher Craig Kimbrselle saved all five saves, but his ERA stands at 7.11.

Castovins also analyzed that the catcher 안전토토사이트 (Austin Barnes), the first baseman (Max Monsie), the shortstop (Mani Machado), the third baseman (Justin Turner) and the middle baseman (Cody Bellinger).

Boston's four leading positions were designated hitter (J.D. Martinez), second baseman (Iron Kinsler), left fielder (Andrew Beninendi), and right fielder (Mookie Betts).
The U.S. media cite Boston's strong point as a team effort centered around manager Alex Cora, who is not an early coach.

In contrast, Dodgers players outperform their Boston counterparts because they overcame difficulties through individual talent and postseason. 

MLB predicted that the Dodgers will beat Boston in the final game of Game 7 and regain the top spot in the World Series after 30 years.

Unlike's prediction, betting company predicted that Boston would have a close lead.

Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook set Boston's winning dividend of -135 and the Dodgers' winning dividend of +115.

This means that if you bet 135 dollars to win the Boston Red Sox, you get 100 dollars, which is less than the betting price, and if you bet 100 dollars to the Dodgers, you get 115 dollars.

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