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Because of Ryu... Dodgers starter rotation fog

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Local media in the U.S. are making different guesses over the rotation of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the national league champion who has been in the World Series for two consecutive years. It is not known who will play in the first and fourth games until the Dodgers manager Dave Roberts opens his mouth at an official press conference on Wednesday (Korea time). On the other hand, the Boston Red Sox, which arrived at the World Series, predicted Chris Sale of Game 1 and David Price of Game 2.

Ryu Hyun-jin, 31, who had been lagging behind in the Milwaukee and the Championship series, was the main reason why the Dodgers' selection order was so confusing. Ryu, who has been on the mound twice in the second and sixth games, failed to secure an earned run average of 8.59. It was especially painful that he collapsed with five runs in three innings during the sixth match. 

If Ryu did his best in five innings, the team's World Series rotation was highly likely to be organized in order, just like the championship series. However, Ryu was still weak in the game against Milwaukee, where he had a home game record (five wins, one loss, 1.15 ERA) and an away game (two wins, one loss, 3.58).

Therefore, there are many different interpretations from starting the second round to starting the third round with Ryu's starting schedule., the Major League's website, expects Ryu to start in the third game of the World Series on Tuesday. MLB면 pointed out that Ryu's weak performance in the National League Championship series is expected to be higher in 메이저놀이터 the second and third games as Hill is pushed to the fourth games. In this case, the bouncer goes on board after a three-day break.

Unlike, the Los Angeles Times said that it will run the starting lineup like the National League Championship Series, predicting Ryu as the starting pitcher for the second round. The rotation expected by the Los Angeles Times will be Kershaw, Ryu Hyun-jin, Bambler, and Hill, respectively, and Ryu will have to make an away berth in both games. Dodgers Nation also predicted that Ryu would play in the fourth game of the game with Kershaw, Hill, Bambler and Ryu Hyun-jin.

Song Jae-woo, a sports commentator at MBC, said, "It is ideal for Dodgers to play in the second round after the Kershaw, but the poor performance in Game 6 of the championship series made the starting lineup inevitable. The selection order is important, of course."It is encouraging that he gained confidence in himself as he pitched the bullpen better than expected in the championship series," Jus explained.

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