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South-North Forest Cooperation in earnest with the modernization of 10 joint control centers

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A Dong-A Ilbo reporter: As the two Koreas agreed to hold a forest cooperation meeting at the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong on Wednesday, the two Koreas are expected to push ahead with the joint prevention of pine-remediation and burial.

The agreement was made to clarify what was announced at a high-level meeting held at the South's Peace House in Panmunjom on Tuesday.

First of all, the government has decided on a joint prevention plan for forest diseases such as pine-tree re-crops.

In other words, the South will provide the North with the drugs necessary to prevent the re-election of pine trees in November and carry out joint measures by March next year.

North Korea's forests are reportedly suffering from increased pest damage due to the recent lack of preventive medicine and technology.

According to North Korean data in 2007, the damage to the forest is severe, with the damage area reaching 250,000 hectares.

In recent years, there have also been damage to foreign insects such as pine-and-trees and oak-sedged diseases.

Damaged areas in Tongcheon and Pyongyang have been identified since 2006, and damage has been reported in Changseong, North Pyongan Province as well.

Considering this seriousness, the South will offer a preventive medicine during the next month and quickly move forward with an agreement on the parable between the "Skin Sky" and the "Nobangbang Sky" (a caterpillar becomes a adult).

The two Koreas have agreed to conduct the forest disease prevention program, including the pine-reson outbreak, on a yearly basis, to ensure the drug related to disease-causing measures such as mutual notification, sample exchange, and diagnosis and analysis.

In addition to the re-election, the government has decided to jointly implement all disease and pest control projects.

Another meaningful agreement is that the government will push ahead with the modernization of 10 farms within this year.

Last September, Moon Jae-in of the president in Pyongyang, after visiting the Forest Service at North Korea's large a tree nursery, " after following large city and military units rather than a tree nursery.Looked, it appears to create a small scale a tree nursery, said.

From this point of view, the two sides seem to have found effective ways to cooperate with each other regarding the project. 

The decision to continue to discuss cooperation in producing forest equipment such as the "greenhouse panel" and the "fine container" is seen as focusing on modernizing the North's plant rather than providing seedlings for the restoration of forests.

However, it remains to be 사다리사이트 seen whether the U.S. or the U.N. will be able to provide some materials and materials without any U.S. or the U.N. 

The agreement to actively pursue cooperation projects to protect and restore nature's ecosystem such as the joint response to forest fire prevention and defense projects and to continue to discuss issues raised, including holding a joint discussion of forest technology, will be interpreted as an agreement.

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