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End of forest talks...南 "No big difference" 北 "Don't argue as much as expected.

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South and North Korea held the second inter-Korean forest cooperation meeting at the Joint Contact Office in Gaeseong on the 22nd and agreed on modernization of the North's cemetery and joint prevention of forest disease and pest control. However, the background of the meeting is noteworthy as the North Korean delegation left a dissatisfied remark to the South.

After the meeting, Park Jong-ho, vice president of the Forest Service, said, "North and South Korea confirmed their agreement for industrial cooperation and adopted a joint press statement for four protests after discussing practical projects and issues of mutual interest." 

"We discussed concrete and practical implementation measures for forest cooperation through this meeting," he said.

At the closing meeting, which ended around 8:35 p.m., Park said, "The agreement is a step forward in the history of forestry cooperation in the South and North," adding, "I hope we met frequently including document consultations." 

However, after Park's closing remarks, North Korean deputy director Kim Sung-joon expressed his dissatisfaction with the meeting at the same time. 

"We really discussed the issue of relieving re-civilian diseases to preserve the cattle and modernizing the cemetery, but it is not as much discussed as the people expected," Kim said.

"I feel confident that we should take a closer grip on the spirit that we should work together without being swayed by external winds or adverse winds like pine trees," he said.

"If the talks continue to take such a form as today's meeting, we will not expect the North-South forest cooperation talks," he said. 

When the North Korean leader made such remarks, the North's sanctions on the North led to speculation that the level of agreement the North wanted was not reached. 

Regarding this, South Korean Vice Minister Park Jong-ho told reporters after the meeting, "There were a lot of expectations from the North, but there were some things to do right away and things to discuss." 

"In principle, forestry cooperation has a wide range of areas unlike other areas," he said. "Because there are many consultative bodies in North Korea, there have been no significant differences in the actual negotiation process." 

Asked by reporters whether the international community should impose sanctions on North Korea while discussing it, reporters said, "All inter-Korean forest cooperation is being pushed forward through close consultations with relevant countries." 

"Many areas do not need to be negotiated between most countries," he said. 

However, he 사설토토사이트 added that there is something to discuss (the modernization of the cemetery) with relevant countries) and that it is difficult to say right now without any discussion.

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