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Parents "Tackle the Twins" vs. School "Wait for Supreme Court Judgment"

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"The grades of the other students were reduced because the twin daughters of the former head teacher committed cheating. If you wait for the Supreme Court ruling, the students already graduate. I want to get my twin daughters' test scores back before the school year changes."

Around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, a conference room at Sookmyung Women's High School in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. At the school management committee meeting, a parent raised his voice and strongly demanded that the two students take a 'zero score'. The school said it could not do anything under the school rules until the final ruling came out by the Supreme Court. 

The meeting was held for an hour and a half with 10 people attending. The main topic of discussion at the meeting was whether the school punished A and her twin daughters for the leak. Parents protested, but the school repeated the words, "Wait for the Supreme Court's ruling."

● "Taking zero before grade 3" vs. "Wait for Supreme Court judgment"

According to the file, which the Dong-A Ilbo acquired exclusively from the management committee of Sookmyung Girls' High School, the parents strongly demanded that their twin daughters score zero points before the school year begins. Competition for high school records at Sookmyung Girls' High School in Gangnam-do is fierce. However, parents are concerned that if second-year students get a grade 3 next year, their grades will be revised, they will be affected by the aid. 

"Even if I order me to leave school later, I have to correct my grades before the school year changes," said a parent who attended the meeting. On the other hand, the school has no reason to discipline them until the Supreme Court ruling. Before that, the school said, "Taking zero points at random is a sexual manipulation." 

"Students at the school level can change their grades by one factor, and universities that can go are completely different," said a parent. Some parents even claimed that the school should not issue an official apology.

●Train the city education office to discipline the twin daughters before the decision is made

The disciplinary action against the two students is decided by the school's leading committee. The leadership will consist of five to 10 faculty members and the chairman will be the vice-principal.

According to the "2018 Punishment Standard for Student Living Area of Sookmyung Girls' High School," students who cheated or co-exist during the exam are required to take zero points in the exam. On the basis of this, a Seoul education office official said, "If the investigation reveals clear cheating and the student's mistake, it is possible to score zero points." In fact, a high school in Gwangju found that D, the head of the school's management committee, handed over the test paper to his children in July, and their scores were zeroed out. Apart from the police investigation at the time, the school checked for irregularities and punished them.

Regarding whether or not the twin daughters will be expelled from school, the school said, "Only students who are found guilty of criminal charges can be expelled based on disciplinary standards." However, there is also a clause that states that maximum number of students can leave school for "students who have taken test questions in advance or leaked them after taking them for cheating purposes." When the investigation results are released, the committee is 배팅사이트 expected to consider whether to apply the clause to the two students.

"The selection committee can decide whether to leave school independently of the court's ruling," a Seoul education office official said.

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