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LG V40 ThinkCut 'Five Eyes'

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LG Electronics is going to start selling its premium Smartphone called 'LG V40 ThinkQ' during second half of this year. While many of its competitors are releasing new products, LG Electronics is looking to rebound its Smartphone business by using 'V40 ThinkQ's differentiated camera. 

◇5 snow...LG Electronics made an announcement on the 23rd that it will release 'V40 ThinkQ' in South Korea starting from the 24th. 'V40 ThinkQ' is equipped with 5 cameras. It has three cameras on the back, including 12 million pixels, 16 million pixels per second, and 12 million pixels per second, and two cameras on the front. It is the latest V series with entertainment functions that provides high-quality camera and audio performance. 'Penta shot' function that can take five cameras with just one touch will be added during November.

It also has 6.4-inch OLED display, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 AP, RAM 6GB (Gigabyte), and storage space of 128GB. Its design, which weighs only 169g and 7.7mm thick, is also receiving positive reviews. The store price is 1.049,400 won (approx.

LG Electronics lowered actual consumers' burden due to variety of buying benefits. Buyers of V40 ThinkQ will receive a price discount on LG Electronics' latest premium smartphone purchase after 18 months or 24 months with the upgrade program. Up to 40% of store price of 'V40 ThinkQ' can be compensated. LG Electronics is also going to hold a presentation event and promotion for discount of water purifier rental fee.
Hwang Jung-hwan, vice president of LG Electronics MC Business Headquarters, said at a press conference on the 4th, "We did not just increase the number of cameras." "We focused all our capabilities on cameras that are the most used and most dissatisfied with Smartphones," said Kim. It emphasized that this product has newly looked at hardware design to software algorithm from a customer's perspective in order to strengthen quality and convenience as well as wide angle of picture.

However, this is a variable of competition. Apple is going to release new iPhone products such as iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs, and iPhone XRs on the second of next month. This is the first time for Apple to release all new products in South Korea on the same day. LG Electronics needs to maximize its preoccupation effect before releasing new iPhone.

It is also going to release low and medium-priced phones that threaten premium products. Samsung Electronics introduced the Galaxy A7 this month and released the Galaxy A9 sometime in November. Like 'V40 ThinkQ', these products are differentiated at medium and low prices by putting out number of cameras and performance. Xiaomi's 'Pocopon F1', which is known for its excellent plastic ratio (price/performance), will also be released soon.

"Because there will be more 토토추천 competition in Smartphone markets at the end of this year due to long-term trend of replacing products, there will be more competition in Smartphone markets." said a representative for this industry.

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