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Houston Rockets faced an unexpected crisis at the beginning of the season.

According to Tim McMahon of ESPN, Houston's "The Beard" James Harden (guard, 196 centimeters, 102.1 kilograms) was injured. What Houston's coach Mike Dantony said was "disappointed" at home against Utah Jazz on Saturday (Korea time). Although no specific diagnosis has been made yet, it is planning to conduct a re-examination.

However, it seems that he will not be able to come forward for a while since hamstring is not good. For your information, he was absent due to a hamstring injury last season. Considering the extent of injuries, however, it is understood that the injury is not as serious as last season. He was out of nine games last season and seven of them were not on the field due to hamstring injuries.

He ran 31 minutes and 38 seconds against the Utah team. Given that Chris Paul is unable to step out due to disciplinary action, Harden is expected to take more business trips. However, he just ran for over 30 minutes. Nevertheless, he flew in high gear with 29 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists. But the team's defeat faded away.

Most of all, Houston's power system has turned on a red light. If he fails to play at least one or two games while Paul's disciplinary action is still remaining, Houston will have a major setback in its power structure. The absence of both teams, which account for more than half of the total power, is darkening Houston's early prospects for the season.

For the past three seasons  since the 2014-2015 season, Ha has played more than 80 games. He has played more than 70 games since his 사다리사이트 debut, except for a shorter season due to the closure of his career in the 2011-2012 season. He is not seriously injured throughout his career, and he is showing solid performance due to his superior physical management.

This is the same for this season. Although his physical condition is not intact now, he has displayed a solid presence with 28.5 points (.468 .441 .735) 6.3 rebounds 9 assists for 36 minutes before his injury. Last season, he won the regular season MVP for the first time since joining the NBA, and played a crucial role in making Houston the top spot in the Western Conference.

Meanwhile, Houston lost 100 to 98. Houston, who suffered a losing streak after losing on the day, is slowing down to one win and three losses in her first four games of the season. To make matters worse, Paul is facing even more trouble as he gets hurt. For Houston, how she passed the beginning of the season has become more important.

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