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"What you said and what you did last is not important."

Park Chu-young, who is at the center of the controversy, is set to return to the first division in three months. Choi Yong-soo's use has brought attention to what role Park will play in Seoul's survival, which is driven by a drop in the sub-League for the first time.

Choi said, "When I was asked about Park Chu-young at the media day at the Champions Park in Guri, a club house on Saturday, I gave a very positive answer. Seoul, which has been placed ninth with a score of 35 points after 10 consecutive wins (3 draws 7 losses), will have its first game against Kangwon (39 points) in the seventh place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 4 p.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m. Kang Won scored 51 goals in the 33rd round on Tuesday, ranking fourth out of 12 teams, but his record is also third with 55 points. In other words, Seoul needs to score points in order to beat the river and get closer to the current. However, the fact that he scored only five goals in the last 10 games reveals Seoul's agony. Among the five scores, none of them were put in by foreign killers such as Andelson, Evandro and Matisse.

Therefore, Choi is likely to use Park Chu-young in any way from the match against Gangwon Province. Park Chu-young, 34, is rapidly declining this year, but seems to have judged that he is better than foreign strikers in technology and experience. Park Chu-young was under the impression that he caused a series of social networking scandals under the leadership of coach Hwang Sun-hong and Lee Eul-yong, contributing to the feud in Seoul. It's been a long time since he appeared on the ground. The game against Incheon on July 22 was the last game of the first division since the start of the second half and the game was played out again before the end. After that, he continued to play in the R-League (second-tier league) games and scored goals and recorded help.

"I have watched the R-League played 메이저사이트 by Park Ju-young several times," Choi said. "I know a lot of stories that are in the air," Park said. "Now I am a player with a contract with the team and at the bottom of my hand." Choi added, "What I said and what I did last is not important. "Although it is true that he is not in very good condition, he can use his strengths rather than expecting 100 percent of Park Chu-young." Choi said, "I tried to bring Park to Jeju before returning to Seoul, but I only had three days of training due to the swelling of my side."

Park signed a three-year contract with Seoul earlier this year. The long contract with Park Chu-young was significant in Seoul, where players such as Dejan, Osmar and Yoon Il-rok left. It can be seen as the club's wish to become the last hope in performance and box office. However, Park failed to live up to his expectations, and instead continued to make a sudden splash of oil in times of hardship in Seoul. This year he had his third chance. Choi and his fans still have their last faith in him.

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