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Lost in Game 5 Roberts? Dodgers Unlimited

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The Dodgers lost once again in Game 5 against the Boston Red Sox in the 2016 Major League World Series at the Dodger Stadium on Tuesday (Korea Time).

The Dodgers, which donated four wins to Boston, has remained second for two consecutive years since last season. In addition, winning the World Series for the first time in 30 years since 1988.

Price and Kershaw, which started in the first round, announced their shaky start by allowing home runs in the first inning, but continued pitching with fast pace.

The crack occurred in the sixth inning. Kershaw allowed Mookie Betts a solo home run in the top of the sixth inning, and J.D. Martinez again hit a solo shot in the seventh inning and retired from the mound.

Like Kershaw, Price, who had been particularly weak in autumn baseball, was different. After allowing the first inning to Frize, Price tied the Dodgers' batters tightly, adding to his team's victory by pitching three hits and one run in seven innings.

Major losers of the Dodgers are Coach Dave Roberts' stubborn tactics.

Roberts often missed a victory in the postseason by early mobilizing bullpens through his poor performance of starting pitchers.

One-sided love for Ryan Madsen is typical. Madsen took the mound following Clayton Kershaw and Ryu Hyun-jin, the starting pitcher of the first and second World Series, but failed to prevent the winning runners from scoring, which led to his defeat.

In the fourth match, the coach appointed Madison as an important adviser again. The result was a tie-up in the U.S. and even President Donald Trump responded that he could not understand.
The same is true of his belief in Yaskuni Grandal, the catcher who made the worst appearance in the championship series with Milwaukee. Even though his performance plummeted to the bottom in the postseason, he was used as a substitute in every major match, and he was forced to take the crossfire.

In Game 5, which was his last game, Roberts continued to use an incomprehensible pitcher. The reason was that he pitched Clayton Kershaw in the sixth inning as he started to lose his hold in the fifth inning. 

After all, Kershaw, who threw a dull ball, had a solo homerun from Muki Betts in the top of the sixth inning and collapsed. This time, he is the coach Roberts who was angry after believing in Kershaw too much.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers rewrote 안전한놀이터 the record for most runner-up wins in the Major League after losing on the day. The previous Dodgers had a record of a runner-up in the 13th inning with the New York Yankees. Of course, the Yankees won 27 games, far superior to the Dodgers in the sixth.

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In the first quarter of this year, 

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the decline in business income, which was mostly centered on the bottom 20 percent, is spreading to the middle class.

Analysts say that small businesses are taking a hit across the entire business sector.


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