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Chairman, open the plenary session and introduce the government budget.野 Four-party boyco

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With the ruling and opposition parties running parallel with the deadline for next year's budget bill, the main opposition Minjoo Party held a plenary session alone at 5 p.m. and listened to Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong-yeon's proposal.

The main opposition Democratic Party said in a plenary session on the day, "We should submit the budget bill and explain the proposal." However, the three opposition parties - the Bareun Future Party, the Democratic Peace Party and the Justice Party - are determined to cooperate with the budget plan only if the Democratic Party accepts the system. The Liberty Korea Party has decided to boycott the plenary session, saying that it is lukewarm about the election system but it ignores the spirit of the agreement between the ruling and opposition parties by holding a plenary session with the chairmanship.

"If the ruling party fails to reach an agreement by afternoon, we will hold a plenary session to propose the government budget and proceed with the government's proposal," National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang said in the morning.

"As the deadline for next year's budget was yesterday (December 2)," Moon said, "I think it is necessary to hold a plenary session today to see that the ruling and opposition parties are not doing anything to comply with the deadline." "The ruling and opposition parties reached an agreement last year to protect the purpose of the Constitution and the National Assembly Advancement Act, and went ahead with the introduction of budget proposals and explanation of the government's proposals on December 2.

The Democratic Party held a general meeting of its lawmakers at 4 p.m. After the meeting, floor spokesman Kang Byung-won told reporters that the main opposition Democratic Party will attend the plenary session and listen to the government`s budget proposal. "This is not a plenary session to pass the government budget bill," Kang said.

Rep. I will not attend the plenary session today, he told reporters during the general meeting.

Kim Kwan-young, floor leader of the Bareun Future Party, also sent a message to lawmakers, saying, "Even if the plenary session opens today, the four opposition parties will not attend." "I judged that it is inappropriate for the chairman to convene the plenary session without agreement with representatives of the negotiating groups," he said.

Article 73 of the National Assembly Act stipulated that "the plenary session will be opened with more than one-fifth of 안전토토사이트 the members present at the plenary session," with four opposition parties alone taking up 129 seats. However, it is expected that next year's budget will be even more difficult due to the backlash from the opposition parties.

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