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the denunciation of the speech"Self-portrait without substance"

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Moon Jae-in last year`s first press conference 10 days to the president out critical by the droves and conservative opposition parties for comment. The Democratic Peace Party and the Justice Party, which together with the Minjoo Party of Korea are categorized as the so-called "broad power," expressed their displeasure over the lack of mention of electoral reform.

According to the political circle on Sunday, the Liberty Korea Party continued to comment on President Moon's New Year's speech for two days on Oct. 11.

Yoon Young-seok, chief of Korea, the deputy prime minister's ten days is “say sth over and over again, at one point it yourself I'm blowing my own horn, without substance, be mistaken for reality.” and " more than 20 minutes this morning.A Moon Jae-in, like a ‘New Year news conference’ of the president, raised their voices. 

"The idea of a New Year's press conference, which only serves as a means of self-reliant comfort and escape from reality," he said. "Even though the administration is 19 months away, the president, who is a national policymaker, is in a state-run state administration, is in a state-run mood, and the people are in a 's breath.'" 

On the same day, Kim Jung-jae, floor spokesman of the ruling Uri Party, wrote in a commentary titled, "The government's My Way economic policy, will it really abandon the people? It's hard for the people to live a day, but the president is only repeating his idle talk such as "people-centered" and "capturing countries."

"(President Moon) said that my happiness is everybody's happiness," he said, but it seems that the president is the only one who is happy. "I'm concerned that the president is trying to abandon the people and stick to his economic policies," he said. "The president is a fake news item, but the public sees him as a maker of fake hope and fake economy." 

On July 11, the Korean party continued to make comments. "The president's New Year's press conference was a blessing in words," floor spokesman Lee Man-hee of the ruling Uri Party said. "The president's perception and remarks that greatly disappointed the public in power institutions such as the prosecution, police and the National Intelligence Service were not only distortions, but they could also cause serious human rights violations, including human rights violations." 

On the same day, Yoon Young-seok, senior spokesman, attacked Moon`s comment on Kim Tae-woo, former special inspector of Cheong Wa Dae, in a commentary titled, "The Liberty Korea Party responds with a special prosecutor" at the President`s presentation of the investigation guidelines.

"President Moon publicly disparaged the courage and conviction of Kim Tae-woo, who raised the suspicion of a civilian investigation by Cheong Wa Dae," he said at a New Year's press conference. "The president actually presented a guide line at a time when the prosecution investigation is underway." "I know better that the prosecution's investigation will not be carried out normally," he said after Mr. Moon's remark that there was not much corruption in our government that would disappoint the public. 

The Bareun Future Party also joined President Moon's criticism in a commentary titled, "People want an apology, but the president sang a self-defense song."

A gimsamhwa miraedang the deputy prime minister is “Moon Jae-in year`s first press conference of the president must start by letter of apology.” and emphasized accepting growth, but a 29 percent increase for two years.The self-employed in danger of going out of business on the minimum wage and struggle don't get a part-time job, Moon Jae-in government did not embrace anyone, young people.Criticism. He also said he criticized the ministry's polarization and economic inequality, but hid the fact that income polarization has worsened since the income-led growth.

"The fact that we did not let the people down by liquidating their power has not disappointed them is that the people are most concerned about the damage to the power of Cheong Wa Dae," Kim. "There is no self-reflection on unfair practices such as parachute, personnel disruptions, and corruption in employment."

The three opposition parties, which have called for the reform of the electoral system based on the "proportional proportional representation system," expressed their displeasure at the fact that President Moon did not mention anything about it. 

A miraedang is “It is not referring to political reform challenges there is a problem” and Moon Jae-in president of the 사설토토 Republic of Korea, the proportioning single lever type to another major step forward in the proportional representation system.I ought to keep an appointment, criticized. "This is a New Year's press conference that confirmed the need to reform the electoral system and push for a decentralized presidential system," the Democratic Peace Party said. The Justice Party also stressed that we urge President Moon to show his willingness to reform the electoral system once again. 

As expected, the Democratic Party has imposed a strict clampdown on Mr. Moon's speech. The Democratic Party applauded the party's official commentary, saying that the president's commitment to create a "people-centered economy" and an "innovative, inclusive economy" is well demonstrated.

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